Game Description – FIRST POWER UP

FIRST POWER UP is played on a field with a goal of controlling the Switch and the Scale for as much time as possible. For each second the alliance controls their Switch or the Scale they earn one point. The earn control the robots must place Cubes one the side of the Switch or Scale that was randomly assigned to their alliance. The side with more weight on it earns control.

Bonuses can be earned by passing Cubes to the human player who can then place them in the Vault. Bonuses include gaining control fo the Switch and/or Scale for 10 seconds, doubling the value of the Switch and/or Scale for 10 seconds, and earning a bonus climb.

At the end of the match robots can earn an additional 5 points for getting on the platform next to the Scale. They can earn an additional 30 points by climbing on the 12″ bar.

Robot Description

D-Fence 13.0

The robot was designed to pick up Cubes and place them on the Switch or the Scale. It used a two stage elevator made of 80/20 and chain to go up and down. The claw was pneumatic and made of tread for gripping and springs to allow for grabbing at various angles. Hooks were placed on the first stage to allow the robot to climb and a buddy bar was attached to the back to allow other robots to climb on.

D-Fence 13.1

The first major change was changing the lift motor from being powered by belts to being directly powered by a bevel gearbox.

D-Fence 13.2

The lift did not work out as expected and would get stuck regularly. To remedy this many changes were attempted and none worked. This resulted in the first stage being removed and moving the second stage to be the first stage. This now prevented us from climbing so the buddy bar was also removed.

Competitions Attended